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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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come around. >> reporter: many in sonoma county were rejoicing in today's rain even if it won't end the drought. >> if we could get some honest to goodness rain that would be a good thing, it really would. >> reporter: and some will do whatever it takes to keep the rain coming. >> i can do a rain dance. >> reporter: the storm only brought about a quarter inch of rain. for the area to get back to normal it would have to see 70 days just like this one. live in santa rosa, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> you have to start somewhere. king tides caused flooding onshore line highway in mill valley today. drivers had to slow down to get through. others wading through water. how ironic is this? to get to and from their houseboats in sausalito. the high tides are expected to stick around for a few days. the big story is the rain. chief meteorologist paul deanno on the timeline when to expect more showers. >> ryan nailed it because it's not about the amount of rainfall we'll get from this
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storm. the fact that it's actually going to rain, we have to start somewhere and we have just walked up to the starting line. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing a break in the action right now. we had showers earlier in the north bay. communities like santa rosa and cloverdale, rohnert park, petaluma, sonoma, yountville, st. helena, got showers earlier earlier. this is where we need it the most. we are of getting rainfall high elevation snow. lots of precipitation in the sierra. we have several hours to go before the real rainfall makes it to the bay area. in the sierra, above 8,000 feet in elevation, by friday morning, two feet of snow, that is glorious news! above 7,000 feet, 12 to 18" of snowfall likely. at lake tahoe level, we are looking at 4 to 6" of snowfall. and travel will be tricky with 60-mile-per-hour winds. great news in the mountains wondering when it's going to be raining there, here's the answer, futurecast says by
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11:00 tonight, napa county, sonoma county, marin county, solano county, you have the rainfall. and as soon as five or six tomorrow morning, the rain spreads to the south during the morning commute. we'll talk about how much rainfall and other storms. if you want to track the radar anytime, hi-def doppler is there for you at our website, as paul mentioned a glimmer of hope for sierra ski resorts. it's soggy up in the high country today. rain falling so not exactly a skier's paradise just yet but people are excited that the rain is going to change over to snow. and the rain will help replenish water supplies the resorts use to make snow. the talk may be about rain today but most marin county residents will soon be required to cut back on their water usage. water officials say come april 1, they will require a 25% reduction because reservoirs are half full. it will affect nearly 185,000 people. and the stinson beach county water district will begin water
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rationing, as well. it will require residents to use only 110 gallons of water per day starting next month. now, several bay area water districts are in danger of running out of water within the next 100 days. cloverdale and healdsburg and others are facing the threat. those communities joined 14 others statewide running low on water in some areas the state health department saying water will have to be hauled in and new wells will have to be dug. [ bagpipes ] a somber tribute today to fallen bart police sergeant tom smith. law enforcement officers from across the country gathered at the neighborhood church of castro valley to pay their final respects to the veteran officer and devoted family man. juliette goodrich has more from sergeant smith's friends and family.
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[ bagpipes ] >> if you are lucky to find lot of your life, you hold on to it. i cherished every moment we had. >> reporter: those words from tommy smith's wife kellie the day after he was killed. today she and her daughter faced the unimaginable, following his casket into a church carried by tommy's two older brothers and brother-in- law all of them bay area law enforcement. at the service, tommy's oldest brother pat talked about tommy's devotion to family. he said the world was a better place with tommy in it. >> you don't expect to bury your brother. you expect to about your i are your parents. you expect to burier grandparents not your little brother. >> reporter: sergeant smith was accidentally shot and killed by detective michael maes. they were doing a probation search in an apartment when smith was killed. >> trying to show support for the department and the family. >> reporter: this officer flew in from boston.
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he didn't know sergeant smith but could identify. >> personally, it hits home with me. i have family. i have a daughter around her age. [ pause ] ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the law enforcement family that never says good-bye, only stay safe, says today still isn't good- bye, only stay safe, little brother. >> i love you. stay safe. that's all you can do. no guarantees in life especially in our line of work. >> reporter: gone but never forgotten, sergeant tommy smith, a devoted husband and father. >> the love of my life, my daughter's, everything. tommy will always be my heart. and i'll love him forever. >> reporter: tommy's two older brothers and brother-in-law all in law enforcement will take some time to mourn and then they tell me they are going to get back to work. they are bay area law enforcement. and they are going to serve and protect the public. allen, he said they said that's
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what tommy would want. detective maes was expected to be here today. he was not. we are told that he wanted the focus to be on sergeant smith and his family and not on him today. >> all right, juliette goodrich, thank you so much. we can tell you no cameras allowed inside the service but sources tell kpix 5 johannes mehserle did attend. he is that former bart police officer who killed unarmed passenger oscar grant five years ago at the fruitvale station. mehserle served two years for involuntary manslaughter. in at 5:00 an oakland -- new at 5:00 an oakland teen wanted for the murder. his sister turned himself in the 14-year-old allegedly shot 17-year-old justice toliver last week during an argument over laundry. police say investigators spent hours talking to the teen's family and friends before he finally surrendered. a santa clara county correctional officer is behind bars tonight. he is accused of harboring known criminals who were
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supplying him with drugs. depth tee juan carillo was arrested monday. authorities think he was on drugs at the time. three others were also arrested on drug charges and other violations. all have criminal records. a counselor at san jose middle school is in jail tonight for allegedly selling marijuana to two children. 20-year-old edward diaz was booked this afternoon. bliss arrived at willow glen middle school after they got a call that a school counselor was selling pot. authorities found out diaz worked for an after-school program called think together. >> i think it's very unsettling that parents allow their children to go to these programs after school for help and that the people were supposed to trust provide them with drugs. especially at such a young age. it's alarming. >> authorities say diaz passed a background check in order to work for that program, think together. police will be looking into whether this was a one-time incident or if other children
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are involved. tonight we're hearing from the 81-year-old oakland woman who was shot in her own home by an intruder. she spoke to kpix 5's da lin today about the terrifying moment that she came face to face with the robbers. >> they broke down the door between bedroom wing and the main part of the house. >> reporter: 81-year-old beverly concannon is still in intensive care at highland now. a man shot her inside her diamond district house during a home invasion robbery yesterday. she tells me over the phone from her hospital bed she is doing relatively well since the bullet missed a vital organ. >> it missed my lungs and heart which is very good. >> reporter: the retired schoolteacher says the suspect did not knock on the door. she believes he assumed no one was home and kicked down the front door. >> i was in the bathroom and i heard boom, boom. and so i thought, oh-oh. this sounds serious. so i went out. >> reporter: that's when beverly came face to face with the intruder.
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she said he looked surprised and immediately opened fire. the single bullet went through her shoulder, a wall and fence. the intruder ran out and left with nothing. she is frustrated why a young man would shoot a defenseless 81-year-old woman in her pajamas. >> why wouldn't he just leav? >> reporter: she didn't get a good look at the shooter because it was so fast. no suspects so far. da lin, kpix 5. >> beverly says her daughter's family is flying in from europe tomorrow to visit her. she expects to be released from the hospital tomorrow. an entire city crippled by a freak storm. >> i was so scared, i was like if i i don't get home to my parents, i'm like going to freak out! >> kids forced to sleep on school buses. how a few inches of snow led to complete chaos in the south. . >> a puppy's makeover as she gets a new home. >> i looked at my boys and my
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husband and i said, anybody about the seahawks. >> well, if you can't beat 'em, cash in. the bay area woman who turned the 9ers loss into a business opportunity.
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investigators say the dog n "cleo" and another pit b o" bit two men near a pit bull involved in an attack in golden gate park has been captured. investigators say the dog named cleo and another pit bull named frisco bit two men near 25th avenue and lincoln way last night. officers found one of the dogs right away and shot it. the other was found this morning near haight and stanyan streets. police say the dogs belonged to a man who set up camp in golden gate park. the san francisco department of public health says a third person has died from the flu. few details were released but the department says the victim had underlying medical conditions. at least 34 people in the bay area have died from the flu this season. a rare winter storm is paralyzing parts of the south.
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so bad, six states have declared states of emergency. abandoned cars and stranded big rigs stood in what looked like a vehicle graveyard on interstates in atlanta. traffic came to a standstill after icy conditions led to hundreds of accidents. countless drivers in georgia were trapped in cars overnight. a baby girl was born on the highway because her parents couldn't make it to the hospital in time. nearly 240 children spent the night on their stranded school buses while another 10,000 students stayed overnight in schools. >> i was so scared, i was like if i don't get home to my parents, i'm going to freak out. >> come across the bridge and all of a sudden a truck went squirrely and over the bank. >> temperatures are slowly rising above freezing, roads are starting to thaw. but it's not clear when all the stranded cars and trucks will be towed away. it's the state of the union surprise that had nothing to do with the speech. the apology after this congressman loses it on a reporter. >> and how this bay area 9ers
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fan turned her seahawks hate into a super bowl moneymaker. ,,,,,,,,,,
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was on the bud light super cruiseship probably the only place you might find smiles at the end of the trading day was on the bud light super bowl cruise ship. that's where they rang the closing bell. it was another rough day on wall street, though. weak earnings and stimulus cuts by the federal reserve fueled a sell-off. here are the final numbers. the dow dropped almost 200
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points. jason brooks says it's a combination of factors that are weighing on investors' minds. >> the market rally over the past few years was fueled by those stimulus plans naturally pulling back a little bit from that also concerns over emerging markets. turkey spooking markets this time by raising interest to try to boost its struggling currency. >> this is the lowest close of the year for the market. there is a breathe spot. facebook a strong earnings report causing its stock to jump in after-hours trading. facebook beat expectations, saw revenue from advertising soar 76% from this time last year. it also saw growth in mobile advertising. investors liked the numbers and stock rose as much as 12% after the bell. a congressman from new york is apologizing for physically threatening a reporter after a post-state of the union interview. it got nasty. representative michael grimm snapped when asked about allegations concerning his campaign finances.
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[ inaudible ] [ indiscernible ] >> well, at first the congressman said the reporter had been disrespectful and unprofessional. he later issued a statement saying he was wrong for losing his cool and that he would be scheduling a lunch with the reporter soon. a happy ending to the tale of a puppy who ended up in the trash at a san francisco recycling plant. remember this little girl? this is gem, just before christmas when recology workers rescued her from a conveyor belt just in the nick of time. this is how the plucky pup looks now. there are more than 200 requests to adopt her, no surprise there. animal care and control had to hold a lottery. fittingly, a recology worker won. gem will go home to her new home tomorrow. >> got even cuter. >> cute little dog. good stuff. all right. we have good stuff on the
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radar. >> it is good. >> we have more coming tonight. really what we're talking about is not getting here until tonight but already snowing in the sierra. we already have the transition going on. some of you had rainfall this morning. it's been a long time. . we shouldn't be this excited to talk about rainfall in january. it should have happened like 10 times already but no not since early december the last time we had widespread rainfall. what rainfall? it's coming. it's coming tonight. there's nothing absolutely nothing on the radar right now in the bay area. you did have showers earlier but look at all the rain and high elevation snow in the sierra. winter storm warning there, and some of you may get a half inch of rainfall around here by friday morning. it is a good start to end this drought soon. concord now 61. oakland livermore 63. san francisco 56. santa rosa chilly but humid 56 degrees. here's why we need the rainfall. for the water year in san francisco the average rainfall up until today is 13.3." so of this water year we have had had 2.1." that's a foot down just this
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water year. not even talking about the previously three years, just this water year. we have a low pressure area moving into the pacific northwest right now. that's why we had some showers out there this morning. it's why it's pouring in the sierra. then we have another area of low pressure that will pass by tomorrow afternoon. for us this will actually have a bigger impact. it's shoving moisture towards us so it will begin raining tonight and we'll also see rainfall throughout the day tomorrow with perhaps a increase in activity by about this time tomorrow. so it will be a soggy thursday. we will have the wet morning commute for you, wet evening commute for you and that front will move out at lunchtime on friday. so the window of opportunity for rain is about 36 hours. then as we're looking toward next week i was a little more hopeful that this ridge of high pressure will be farther away allowing storms to ride over the top of the ridge and come down here. right now as of this minute, it looks like that ridge will likely be close enough to keep most of the rainfall to our north so we should really enjoy and embrace the rainfall we get tomorrow maybe the only rain we see for the next week. so how much rain? pick the town closest to you. looks like our computer is predicting a bull's eye over
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napa, concord, south to hayward the 680 corridor half inch of rainfall. redwood city quarter inch. third inch san jose. half inch for santa rosa. so a good start. some of you getting up to a half inch of rainfall by friday morning. showers begin tonight. they are likely all the way through friday morning. if i would have to pinpoint one point in time for the steadiest rainfall, that would be late in the day tomorrow about this time tomorrow. average highs are in the upper 50s. that's where we'll be tomorrow. san francisco 58 degrees. mountain view 58. san jose 59. wet day in cupertino, with a high of 58 degrees. upper 50s rain likely for pittsburg, san ramon, pleasanton. 57 in mill valley. novato 56. and it has been soggy toward ukiah. you have more rain coming tomorrow. soggy thursday, showers friday morning then back to regular programming. it's not going to be 70s, no record highs but it will be dry saturday and sunday and for the first half of next week. so we are not going to get a week's worth of rain but we are getting something. >> we'll take it. >> thank you.
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well, it's tough for 9ers fans to forget the loss in seattle and the seahawks rant that followed. as we head into super bowl sunday, one bay area woman is turning four words into a rallying cry and moneymaker. she tells kiet do she is rooting for "anybody but the seahawks." >> reporter: it's a question 49ers fans will have to answer come sunday. what to wear to the super bowl party? >> don't you ever talk about me! >> talk about me, talk about me, talk about me, talk about me -- [ echo ] >> reporter: whatever you decide, at the very least, make it red and gold. >> hi! >> reporter: hi. for this business owner, the answer came after watching richard sherman's post-game interview. [ screaming at the top of his lungs ] >> i looked at my boys and my husband and i said, anybody but the seahawks. that's what came out of my mouth, anybody but the seahawks, because i didn't want his behavior to be validated. >> reporter: the catch phrase was born in seconds. the design took a few hours, printing two days but the
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rivalry will go on for years. at first they had go broncos on the bottom but her son convinced her to take it off so 9ers fans could wear it all year long. would you say the t-shirt is passive-aggressive? >> you could say that it's slightly passive-aggressive. that was probably a passive- aggressive answer. but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: they are now selling 250 t-shirts a day both at her store out of the envelope in los gatos, and online at where else, for this mother of 7 kids, the t-shirts are a way of getting payback. >> when you have 6 sons and some of them were bullied, it really affected me and when this hit me on sunday after the game, it took me back to when my kids were younger and i said, not okay. not okay. not okay. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the t shirts are $15. 10% of the proceeds go to anti- bullying charities.
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in los gatos, kiet do, kpix 5. >> 250 a day. interested in ordering one of the shirts? we have posted the link on our website, >> very popular. well, a bay area woman paid big bucks for a new carpet but her home makeover turned into a hassle. how consumerwatch when home depot messed up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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get what you paid for. of course, you can't always get what you want but you should be able to get what you paid for. julie watts shows us how one south bay woman turned to consumerwatch after a home makeover didn't go as planned. >> you just do the blind test and put your fingers in them and you can tell that they're different. >> reporter: jean knew right away that the carpet she purchased at this home depot for nearly 2 bucks a square foot wasn't the carpet that was installed in her south bay home. >> this is a little denser, the threads themselves alonger. >> reporter: after a closer look, both the home depot
5:25 pm
salesman and its third party installer agreed, jean didn't get the palatial taupe carpet she paid for. instead she had four rooms in thoroughbred chestnut a cheaper an lower quality floor covering. >> it shreds really easily like all the little fibers come up easily. >> reporter: but before home depot we agree to replace it, they needed to be sure and sent samples of her newly laid carpet to georgia for analysis a sort of carpet csi. but when jean called for results she said she was bounced around from office to office for two months. >> he could never get a straight answer who was sending it and when it was going. >> reporter: fed up, jean called consumerwatch. >> consumerwatch came in and got it done. >> reporter: we called home depot and the retailer immediately agreed to replace her carpet at no charge. >> and they were on it in a day and within two hours, the problem was solved. >> reporter: solved but not without some mystery. home depot has yet to reveal the results of its carpet
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analysis something jean would like to see. >> i don't even know if they really did it. >> reporter: home depot never did explain how she ended up with the wrong carpet but jean is just happy to finally have what she paid for. and if you have a consumer problem, give us a call, 888-5- helps-u. our volunteers are standing by every day. >> get what you pay for. >> sure do. she finally did. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," we have scott pelley in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, rescue operations are still under way in the south's icy gridlock where thousands of motorists and students were trapped. we are going to have the latest on this breaking story and we'll have a look at where this weather is going next plus, a new medical study out tonight links testosterone supplements to heart attacks. dr. john lapook will be right here with us to explain what it means. we'll those stories on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,
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the fallout from the dis his asiana i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 tonight, the dispute over what killed this asiana plane crash passenger. tonight, kpix 5 speaks with the coroner why he is not surprised the city is challenging his official cause of death. and with the water supply running dangerously low, how farmers are on the verge of turning to a tactic they haven't used since the '70s. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at
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5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, weather emergency. rescue operations still under way in the south's icy gridlock. >> you couldn't go anywhere. you couldn't stop. you couldn't get out. i traveled approximately four miles in nine and a half hours. >> reporter: for others, waiting was not an option. >> i asked the driver "are you okay?" he said "no, we're having a baby." >> pelley: mark strassmann is on the breaking story. we'll look at what the weather is doing next. a new study links testosterone supplements to heart attacks. dr. jon lapook has the details. and securing the super bowl. bob orr asks the men in charge how they'll protect america's biggest game. >> reporter: what's the latest intelligence tell you about potential threats? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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